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The Pleasure Sea ENG

Truth can either shatter you or set you free.

Once a privileged heir of a formidable Malibu lineage, Bryan Collins has lost all that he cherished. His reckless indulgences and dubious associations during his tenure at Queens College reshaped him into Shard, a surfer of globally acknowledged prowess. Yet, the specter of his past re-emerges, disrupting his life in the form of striking blue eyes and cherry lips. Anne Mary Sinclair, the offspring of one of the most influential men in Los Angeles County, is the bearer of these features.

A potent mix of loathing and a yearning for vengeance pulls Bryan into a perilous game, a magnetic pull that could edge him towards the brink of death once more.

What secrets does Mary guard, and what price will Bryan pay to unearth them?

The Pleasure Sea is the inaugural, riveting standalone in the Outlawed Malibu MC romance series

From January 7, 2024

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Outlawed Malibu series

The MC Romance series comprises standalone books, each linked in an intricate storyline. To fully appreciate the unfolding narrative, we suggest reading them chronologically, based on their publication order.

Malibu isn’t just about sun-kissed beaches and thrilling surf. It’s also home to the formidable Iron Skulls MC. Their tales intertwine the allure of the ocean with the club’s unyielding code of honor. Cross their path, and you’ll emerge forever altered. In Malibu, love, sex, vengeance, and power are never settled accounts but constant, surging undercurrents.

Mafia Legacy series

Experience the thrills of three standalone books in a Mafia Dark Romance series that will have you gripping the edge of your seat. 

The series delves into the murky depths of organized crime, where the Nahash family rules not only their namesake organization but also a shadow government. Meanwhile, the Leone family holds the reins of La Cosa Nostra’s power center. The Esposito Camorra family, on the other hand, constantly battles with the others in a relentless feud. When a shift in family succession disrupts the delicate balance of power, can love possibly endure amidst such chaos?

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